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Day Ticket Report from Daryn 31/8/20

Yesterday I fished the river on a day ticket after having to cancel on friday due to the rain and what a day it was.
I started downstream from Allen mill bridge, I was nymphing the faster water and my mate was dry flying the slower water. The first fish came after a few casts and after a short fight I was unhooking a chunky 10 inch plus brownie. I fished up towards the bridge and netted a few more smaller trout on the way. The dry fly was getting takes but nothing connected on this beat.
After a spot of lunch we headed up towards Old Man Bottom. I switched to dry fly for the afternoon and started with a small para adams. First cast I connected with a 12 inch fish and after a quick unhooking was back getting takes but I was struggling to see the fly so changed to a deer hair caddis pattern due to the decent caddis hatch going on. As I was changing fly my mate caught up with me with a big grin on his face, 3 trout on the dry fly a little downstream. We leapfrogged each other to the end of the beat rising plenty of fish to the dry, landing another handful each.
For the late afternoon we headed up towards peasmeadows, I headed upstream fishing the faster water and my mate stayed fishing a slower pool, both still on dries. Bring on the midges. Getting eaten alive I missed 4 fish in 4 casts then eventually managed to hook one, another decent size fish returned. The midges were driving me crazy so I headed back downstream to find my mate getting the same bother but even worse he noticed he had lost his dry fly box. Luckily he had his phone number on it and a friendly local had found it.
Last beat of the day was a quick fish at Sinderhope. The fish were still rising but our reactions were getting slower and we both failed to land any more fish.
Another fantastic day on the river and after a few years without fishing im very tempted to rejoin.


With spring a right off and summer now coming to an end I thought I would put a report up on how the fishing has been.

Let’s start with the River, fishing has been fairly tough through the summer months with once again extremely low levels of water and prolonged hot weather, those who have fished have found success early mornings and late evenings fishing water that had a bit pace and depth to it. Dries have been the most successful with the usual patterns like para Adams, Grey dusters and Sedges taking the majority of fish. A summer Sea Trout run never happened as the lack of water kept them from running the system until the last two weeks when we have had a great spell of high water this has sent the Sea Trout running right through to their top limit at Holmes Linn, none have been reported caught yet but I suspect there will be some caught now anglers turn their attention to them! 

Coatenhill, after a stocking earlier in the year the returns went through the roof! Some anglers where reporting sessions of nearly 20 fish, since then it has tailed off making Coatenhill once again a challenge. The usual suspects have been taking fish on Buzzers, nymphs and emerger, fishing usually picks up on Coatenhill as the water temperatures begin to fall back down so it’s well worth a visit as we move into the final two months of the season.



Well the Sea Trout where few and far between this season once again this time not to a lack of rain but possibly due to previous storms having an impact on spawning fish and juveniles alike, this being said there was still Sea Trout to be had like the one in the photo below a nice 4lb fish taken from the Town Beat, As Always the Brown Trout fishing was superb with the usual run of bigger fish towards the back end, these fish run the East Allen as they Spawn in it along with

the Sea Trout.

Coatenhill has once again been proving tricky but the fish are there if you can get one to take you are in for a treat as they have been packing on the weight and some are up over 2lb now and fight hard! These fish are close in so no need to fish far just stick to the margins and hope you come across one… these is talk of a stocking coming to Coatenhill in the New Year so watch this space for news!

Now the season has ended can I remind all members to please submit their returns Via the AVAC email.

Image description


There is plenty of action to be had despite the low levels for those who are prepared to work that bit harder for the fish… Early Mornings and Late evenings are seeing good rises on both the East Allen and Coatenhill with most fish being taken on dries, the trout of the East Allen seem far less fussed about the fly selection more the presentation, find some deeper water with a bit of pace keep low and a well-placed upstream cast and you can almost be assured of a take! Coatenhill of course is proving a bit more of a challenge to get the fish to take, my advice would be to fish something like an emerger nymph and wait for a freely rising fish to come into range then place your nymph on its nose! Easier said than done I know…. Tight lines

(Sea Trout are in the system so if there is a lift in water levels its worth a try beefing up the gear and looking for some Silver amongst the Gold.)

Open Season

With the fishing underway the early season has been kind to those who have ventured to Coatenhill with great returns recorded so far with fish being taken on a variety of flys, including Nymphs,Buzzers and even a few coming off the surface with the water temperatures on the rise.

The river has been a bit slower to wake up but that is nothing but the norm, May usually sees the start of the river season but reports are coming in of fish being taken on those fishing the nymph and it won’t be long till those trout are rising in every pool once again!


Disaster... the Sea Trout never showed and the dry spell continued well into the last few weeks of the season. the Brown Trout fishing picked up with a bit of rain but all the migratory fish just seemed to have one thing in mind when the river finally rose and that was to run! and run hard they did, now the season has closed there are Sea Trout and Salmon cutting Redds all over the spawning gravels but im afraid it was too late for the angler to cash in...

Again Coatenhill has been the saviour to many members season with lovely well conditioned (hard to trick) brownies making a welcome sight in the net!

I hope yopu have all enjoyed the Season even if it has proved to be one of the hardest yet and i hope to see you all next season chasing the beautiful East Allen Fish..


I am writing this from the wrong side of the close season.. sorry i have been a bit slow on the updates! Looking back it was the Summer that never was or was it the summer the really was... good for the tan not good for our little upland river that became an upland trickle.. Coatenhill fished well of course with good hatches on an evening and great sport to be had but the river was hard HARD.. so low so clear the fish isolated to shade and running water if you got out and caught well done indeed.



So far the season has gotten off to a slow start with no rain, hot weather and did I mention NO RAIN. Coatenhill has been producing fish mainly early mornings and on an evening with fish falling to fly’s such as buzzers,emergers and Klinkhammers the fish in Coatenhill have come on beautifully, they are hard fighting and coloured to perfection.

The river has been a bit on the quiet side, plenty of fish caught on the Lead Trout Trophy day and there is still plenty to be had just find the cooler shady areas and you will find some fish. The Sea Trout have been having a tough time with the lack of water in the river so we are yet to see any of these up here yet but they will be well on their way with reports of fish being caught not too far downstream so another heavy downpour or two should see them in our system.


Fishing Reports


Well that’s it! Another season over….

What a final few weeks fishing on the East Allen it has been, with the instillation of the Hexham fish pass it seems there has been a boost in Salmon and Sea Trout making their way into our system, anglers have enjoyed fantastic sport from the Town beat right up to Holms Linn with anglers reporting fresh run fish to over 5LB and many more seen in the water into double figures!! Most fish have been taken in high water with spinners such as size 2 Mepps and smaller Rapala doing the damage, the odd fish has been taken on the fly when conditions suited but this is a massive boost to the river let’s hope it was not just a coincidence and the fun continues year in year out!

Coatenhill has continued to fish well but tricky as always a fresh stocking in the spring should stir things up again and fish to 3lb have been recorded on a regular basis now!

In all a good season throughout time to sit back, reflect and await next season’s adventures!

Image description



Summer has been split in to two parts! first we had a prolonged dry spell making the fishing hard on the river this spell fell right over the Lead Trout Trophy, a competition we hold every year on the East Allen it made finding the fish difficult but there was a clear pattern with the anglers who headed up into the head waters doing considerably better than those fishing the lower stretches. Then it rained and rained and well rained a bit more! Sea trout where running the weir at mill bridge as early as the end of June, Mark Charlton had a memorable night hooking and losing three Sea Trout one after another in a hectic evening session, he returned at first light the next morning to try and restore some pride.... only to hook and land a fine 2LB fresh run Sea Trout, a swift picture and it was returned to the system!


now Coatenhill has been stocked once again with small Brown Trout the action has really picked up, as always casting at rises if the best option with emerging buzzers always tempting fish! look out for the larger rises as the first stocking fish are really coming on now and have been packing on the weight!


Image description


As always it can take a little longer for things to get going in the Allen Valleys but now we are into May and the fly life is hatching and the fish following up to the surface! Spring can be very rewarding on both the river and lake, those hungry trout snatch at a Dry with force making for some exciting fishing!

The river levels are low at the moment as its been exceptionally dry and a pesky E/NE wind has been making things a touch harder but from reports fish are getting caught and plenty of them!    

Open season update:

It seems Coatenhill has come alive with the fish feeding hard after there winter slumber, put anything on there nose and a pull is almost guaranteed, evening rises have been good the past two nights with fish rising to take emerging nymphs but the real action has been had on PTN's with Cliff kicking things off with a 3/4lb trout yesterday morning followed by my one last night ( embarrassingly I lost another 4) then today saw Jonny Archer taking two stunning fish on a PTN and me taking another by the outfall!

As for the river.... give it a few weeks.....

A fine 4lb Sea Trout taken on the lure from town beat, 20/10/16, the fish was returned after the photo to carry on upstream!

AVAC Sea Trout

A fine 4lb Sea Trout taken on the lure from town beat, 20/10/16, the fish was returned after the photo to carry on upstream!



as the weather cools so does the fishing, the barmy evening rises are few and far between now and the trout are still there but their minds are wondering, any sign of rain and they are off upstream, followed by the real target for this time of year the Sea Trout!  These have been in the East Allen all summer but now with each rainfall more and more arrive. Fishing for Sea Trout is limited to the lower sections of the river due to Holms waterfall blocking migration further upstream. sea trout fishing can be tedious but rewarding best results seem to come on a falling river fished with flies such as black and silver  or teal blue and silver, if the river is running coloured try fishing a Mepps or Toby as these produce the highest catch rates of Sea Trout in our system.


Coatenhill is getting more frustrating by the day the fish are refusing most flies and hooking one takes great skill and whit, still the emerging nymphs are doing well with a few taking buzzers. I think a restocking might be in order before next season to stir things up.... watch this space!




summer saw a lack of rain once again making fishing difficult at times, but where you found shade and deeper water Town Beat, Tedham, Sinderhope to name a few the fish where there and as feisty as ever.

The best of the fishing was early morning and dusk matching the hatches with dries bringing the best sport. The odd sea trout has started to enter the system and sightings have been coming in since July so fingers crossed for a promising season ahead.


As for Coatenhill those trout haven’t half got wise to our tricks! emerger nymphs have been doing the most damage if not nearly all of it fishing with extremely light tippets helps too. Coatenhill is a funny one it always seems to fish best when it is flat calm like a mill pond! Again dawn and dusk have been the times to fish if you can stand the midges!



Spring has sprung here at AVAC and with us getting into may now the fishing has really turned on once again, feisty hungry trout littler the river snatching at most fly patterns with grey dusters doing some serious damage on the upper reaches of the river, the fish are beginning to focus on the dry patterns now and nymphs have slowed down a bit but on those chiller days and early mornings a nymph could see you right! Best way to find out is go and wet a line.

The warmer weather has seen fantastic rises on Coatenhill try fishing emerges very slow and close in to the shore and you should pick up a fish, failing this PTNs are often a big hitter on this water and will fish all year.

Open Season has arrived!


Finally a chance to get back out and wet those lines! the river is not fishing as of yet dont worry that’s typical for our river give it a week or two and you will see trout all over once again, being at this altitude keeps the trout at a slumber for an extra week or two but when they come on they will be hungry! April and may will fish fast and furious I am sure. This brings me to our other little gem Coatenhill, fish have been seen rising on here weeks before the season even began and reports have it that Cliff took a beautiful 3/4lb brownie on opening day, so if the river is seems lifeless early on this season don’t forget those Coatenhill brownies are fighting fit and on the feed! Tight lines for the upcoming season!


Close of season is fast approaching!


With just a couple of weeks left until we say good bye to the river for another close season and the brown trout season already a distant memory we hope for a final run of sea trout to target before the river is out of bounds, reports of huge numbers of salmon and sea trout running the Tyne can only mean on thing they are on their way, we just need that slight bit of rain to raise the river and give them a helping hand and get them here before it’s too late! Just to wet your appetite here is a few pictures taken from the Riding Mill fish counter of what is heading this way.

Image description
Image description

Autumn, 2015


As the brown trout season comes flying to a close the river levels never picked up making the fishing hard going, with low, gin clear waters again it was the deeper faster water that produced, Coatenhill brownies continue to feed with vigour with huge rises seen on an evening, catching them is a different matter they are fast cunning fish but fantastic sport and they can scrap once hooked, its nice to hear that some of the resident fish are still being caught up to 2lb+, dry’s such as the fly that seems to be the star of this season the grey duster are still accounting for the fish.


Summer, 2015


Summer has been tough this year on the river, the levels have been low and the fish very spooky good catches can be made in the deeper and faster water especially on the evening rise when sport is at its best. Again grey dusters have been taking plenty of fish along with spiders fished down and across. Coatenhill has seen some magnificent sport with the brown trout on an evening most of the sport has been taken on dry’s where at times there will be more than 40 fish seen rising across the lake, the fishing over summer has been hard but rewarding.


Spring, 2015


As the water warm up the fishing has too with good catches being reported on both the river and Coatenhill, the early season saw nymphs taking most of the fish but as the days get longer and the temperature increases more and more fish are being caught on the rise, fly’s that have been successful throughout spring have been PTN's and Hares Ear nymphs with grey dusters proving to be a killer fly on the surface.


March, 2015

It’s finally arrived Opening Day! Not much happening on the rivers as of yet but Coatenhill has produced some nice fish with last year’s stocking of brownies overwintered nicely there is some really good sport to be had at the lake. One report from the 25th saw 7 brown trout caught within a hour on a PTN fished close in to the bank.


Image description

Mark Charlton with an overwintered brownie and his first fish of 2015

October, 2014


That’s all for this Season! It appears that even though the conditions throughout the year have been tough we have still succeeded to make 2014 another bumper year! the catch returns are coming in now and so far it all looks good but please, if you haven’t already sent yours in please do as soon as possible.


October saw the main run of Sea Trout and Salmon making there run up the river reports show that only a handful where caught this season, mostly down to the poor river conditions with much lower than average rainfall leaving the river in a hard condition but as ever a few where caught and ALL released to make their journey upstream! 


Image description

a great fish caught on our lower beat on the last day of the season, by local angler John Day

September, 2014

With the trout season once again coming to a rapid end you might want to find yourself down fishing the East Allen before it's too late! Fishing over recent weeks has been fantastic with large numbers of trout taking the fly, Mark charlton and Tom Conlon had a day on the river catching in excess of 40 trout! They where fishing from Allenheads all the way down to the bottom limit at Catton.

Coatenhill is also fishing better now that the weather has cooled down with the fish taking dry's at all times of the day. Small nymphs are also proving to be very effective on Coatenhill most productive when fished on a floating line with a 6ft leader.

With September we start to see the main run of Sea Trout and Salmon begin, we have seen a few making their way up the system since late June but as always we see the majority of Sea Trout and Salmon in the months of September and October. if you are targeting Sea Trout and Salmon you are better off fishing the lower beats on a dying river. Remember you will also need a Migratory fish rod licence to fish for these and not just a standard trout and course licence.

June, 2014

Coatenhill update:

coatenhill is fishing well but with the warm weather and the bright sun the fish have been staying deep during the day.Anglers have been seeing the best of the action in the evening as the air cools and the evening rise starts.Nymphs and drys fishing well on an evening with lures catching during the brighter daylight hours.

River update:

The river is hard going at the moment, the levels are low and the water clear, finding the darker deeper pools is the key.Fishing a range of flys from nymphs and wets through the day and the dry on an evening. The beats i would recommend at the moment are sinderhope where you will find shade and the town beat where there is depth to the water.

Tight lines!

(Please ensure that extra care is taken when planning to return a fish to Coatenhill in the warmer conditions and extra time is allowed for the fish to recover before its release)


1st May, 2014

coatenhill update:

Now  that coatenhill is up and running with the fish settling in it has been fishing extreamly well. most anglers have caught on trips to the lake with small drys taking the majority of brown trout and the rainbows falling to buzzers and lures fished on floating lines. rainbows and browns have been landed up to the 4lb mark!

Image description

10th April, 2014

submitted by: Mark Charlton

Nice afternoon down at the Town Beat , managed a couple of fish on the dry from the shingle beach and got a fair few rises. Now the weather is warming up the fish should be more active and on the feed!

Image description

18th october, 2013

submitted by: Mark Charlton

Nice fishing on the river tonight with four Brownies and one Sea Trout, All caught from the lower sections of the twon beat!

Image description

4th october, 2013

submitted by: Paul Frear

Afternoon off, rising river, a few sea trout at the weir....... 5 salmon and 4 brownies - not a bad afternoon ! Definitely worth a look

Image description

29th August, 2013

submitted by: paul Frear and Mark Charlton

After a night of Balsam Bashing me and Paul decided to head up to Allenheads to fish the head waters as a bit of a challange!

We fished from the Cafe following the river downstream. As we expected the fishing was extreamly difficult with the river being so thin and shallow. The fish were there in numbers more than we had anticipated but they where very wary and easily spooked, most of the time you didn't know they were there till you saw the wake of the fish disturbing every other trout in the swim! Only one fish was taken and that was from Paul who caught a nice trout from around the High Shield area and as far as i know it is the highest trout to be taken up the system so far!

Image description
Image description
Image description

24th July, 2012

Submitted by: Ben Owens

Fantastic report provided by Ben & Nick Owens - well worth a read - full of useful tips and some great pics of the day too!

In summary

# Fishermen: 2
Beats Fished: Old Man’s Bottom, Tedham, bottom end of Swinhope
Time Fishing: Around 5 hours
Techniques: Upstream dry, down & across wet
Fish taken: 26

Image description
Download full fishing report

22nd July, 2012

Submitted by: Paul Frear

Fished the Town Beat on Sunday morning and the river was alive!  I had no luck with the sea trout, but had loads of trout - which were rising to take flies off the surface everywhere - and a small salmon parr.

Image description

8th June, 2012

Submitted by: Paul Frear

Fished a rising river this morning using a small goldhead.  Took my friend's young lad on his first fishing trip and he caught two small brownies - hooked!  Thanks to club member Daryn Mockett for tipping us off about his nymph fishing sucess.

24th May, 2012

Submitted by: Paul Frear

Had an early morning session today and the river was perfect.  One of those days when nearly every cast produced a rise.  I fished the Allen Mill beat behind the bakery to just above the weir and had takes from 11 fish on a size 16 black Klinkhammer.  It was just magic!  How many fish did I land?......none, but being out on the river and seeing Hawthorn and Mayfly dancing in the early morning with young Dipper Chicks being fed was just what, to me, fishing is all about.

Tight lines (hopefully !)

14th October, 2011

Submitted by: Paul Frear

With the season for Brown Trout over and only two weeks of the 2011 season left, the river is full due to recent heavy rains and is "absolutely lifting" with Sea Trout.  If you're intending to get a few hours of fishing in before the season ends, don't forget, you need a valid migratory fish licence. If you don't have a full licence, a day licence currently costs £8 and can be purchased from the post office online.

Tight lines everyone!

30th September, 2011

Submitted by: Daryn Mockett

On the last day of the Brown Trout Season, in record heat for the time of the year, Daryn managed to get a day off work and headed to the Allendale Town Beat for a couple of hours fishing. A few casts downstream of the bridge at Allen Mill netted a few small trout and salmon parr plus a slightly larger trout of approx 10 inches. Venturing about half a mile upstream of the bridge brought the total number of fish caught to 12 - with all fish falling for an Endricks Spider. "I stopped on the bridge on the way back and watched as about 10 trout were rising freely in the pool upstream. A good end to the season and i cant wait to get back up there next year."

25th September, 2011

Submitted by: Peter Hamilton

Daughter Lucy caught this beautiful brown trout - her first ever fish - on the Allendale Town Beat on a sedge-type dry fly.


Lucy holding wild brown trout

18th September, 2011

Submitted by: Carolyn Milburn

Caught two Brownies on the Studdon Bridge Beat - the first about 5" and the second about 8". It was dark by the time I left - even the midges had gone, but the bats joined me - lovely and relaxing for a Sunday night before getting back to the grindstone on Monday.

10th September, 2011

Submitted by: Paul Frear

Plenty of rain has left the river levels fairly high and some good sea trout are running again. A 2lb beauty was netted at 7.30am this morning about 200 yards downstream from the Allen Mill bridge wear.


4th September, 2011

Submitted by: Paul Frear

With river low and clear, fish were tricky this evening, but managed this micro trout from the Town Beat. Some larger fish moving through pools.

Image description

21st August, 2011

Submitted by: Mark Charlton

Caught 5 browns from lower Town Beat, including this little beauty! They all took a small bibio. Tips...keep low, fish short, keep moving, fish the fast water


brown trout on line

12th August, 2011

Submitted by: Sarah Kemp

River in flood, but plenty of flies hatching off. Caught two brown trout to 0.5llb at the lower limit of The Allendale Town Beat. Both fish took a small, black zulu.

wild brown trout and rod

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Mark Stangroom from Leeds fishes the Town Beat on the last day of the season (30 Sept. 2011).

It was such a warm day and this pool was full of fish, which you can see rising to take flies off the surface

It was all going so well, and then....

River East Allen

This video taken by Sarah Kemp on 12th August 2011 on the stretch of river behind Riding Haughs. The river is flowing quite quickly after several days of rain.

Cracking pool by Phillip Burn

This video was shot by our Chairman, Graeme Edwards, looking from Phillip Burn to the left behind the cricket ground - a lovely deep pool holding sea trout!